Prophunt Rules

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Prophunt Rules

Post by bean » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:50 am


1. No Ghosting. This includes giving information about other player’s location/prop while a dead hunter/prop. You may only give hints about yourself.
2. You must be visible and killable. Do not hide where Hunters cannot kill you. Illegal spots include hiding under vehicles, too far in textures, hiding in corpses, under beds, etc.
3. Glitching using !unstuck is not allowed and will result in a slay.
4. No mic spam. This includes music, screaming, repeating words, and mic feedback. Try to keep it one at a time on the mic, and don’t talk over other players. English only please.
5. Please ask before team switching. We will balance the teams if there is a teamstack.
6. Please control your language. Hard R is not allowed here, but you may say words like “nigga” and “faggot”. You may not harass players, even if the word is allowed.
7. Racist jokes are not allowed.
8. This is a no drama zone. Depending on the severity of the situation, offense for bringing drama here may be eligible for permanent ban.
9. Spectating is not allowed unless you are a staff member.
10. Do not prop surf.
11. No cheating/hacking.
12. No metagaming. This means giving up prop positions through chat/third party programs, teaming, etc.
13. Do not disrespect staff/other players. Harassment will not be tolerated.
14. Threatening to kill/DDos/harm players/staff/server will result in a permanent ban.
15. Advertisement/promotion is not allowed. This includes links in chat/names, YT in your name, etc.
16. Prop killing and door blocking are not allowed. There’s a difference between picking up an item as a shield for defense and damaging a player with a prop.
17. Evasion of punishment will result in a ban. (ie: Leaving after being gagged/muted, etc.)
18. Do not impersonate staff.