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Jail Break Rules

1. Server Rules: Main rules for all.
No hacking, scripts or anything of that kind.
Staff’s word is final.
Keep Harassment to a minimum, at staff discretion.
Don’t be too toxic or rude.
Do not talk over the warden.
When the warden dies, it is a free day (this does not count if it is a warday, hunger games day or hide and seek).
Do not delay the round.
Do not spam (voice or chat)
Do not advertise other servers.
Do not avoid any kind of staff punishment. (this will result in additional punishment)
No ghosting of any kind.
Do not ask for a server rank. (you apply on the forms)
No explicit sprays.
You may not camp in one place for more than 45 seconds. (unless it's for a day)
If there is one prisoner left that has not rebelled they get an LR/DR.
Do not do the same day back to back.
Do not abuse any exploits / glitches, instead notify any of the admins or make a thread on the forum.
If no staff our on/able to come to help. Reports can be made with video evidence and given to an Admin.
You must have a name with 3 or more Normal characters.
If you would like to make/propose a new day do so on the forums and we will go through these weekly. So we can make/add these days to the rules.
No Guard blocking or Prisoner blocking.
If a rule is not listed on this list of rules then it is not a rule! Contact staff to suggest changes.

2. Prisoner Rules and kos: You try to escape the prison or kill all the guards.
Having a primary gun or a Deagle makes you KOS. Shooting any gun makes you KOS.
Going into a KOS area makes you KOS. (KOS areas will be listed in the below map rules)
Disobeying the warden makes you KOS.
Breaking vents is KOS.
Armories are always kos. (unless for a day)
Leaving cells before they open is KOS.
If you have a sidearm/knife and a Guard asks to you drop it, you have 5 seconds to comply or you are KOS.
If you think you were RDMed, don’t spam it in chat. Ask a staff member!
A prisoner may ask for a next round LR.
Next round LR’s can only be denied twice, so they must be accepted the third time.
Custom DRs are allowed.

3. Guard Rules: You watch over the prison.
Listen to and protect the warden
Guards should not RDM.
Guards may not open or close the cell doors without the Warden's permission unless no valid orders are given by 9:00.
Once cell doors are open they may not be closed unless for a specific day.
Guards may not help a Prisoner in rebellion by dropping their weapons.
Guards can not give commands. (besides asking prisoners to drop a sidearm/knifes, if they do not in 5 seconds they are kos.)
Guards who are not participating in the LR/DR should move out of the way.
Guards can KOS any prisoner disobeying the Warden's orders or any prisoner found in a KOS Area unless there is a designated shooter.
If all other guards are killed (excluding warden) then last guard rule comes into effect and that guard may kos all prisoners till only one remains.
If there is no guard with a mic to be warden then a guard will be removed for another player with a mic.
Favoritism is not allowed

4. Warden Rules: You are in charge of the guard team.
Not giving any valid commands to the Prisoners before the cell doors open/9:00 will result in a free day.
Do not intentionally give free days.
Wardens should give Prisoners at least 5 seconds to begin following their orders.
You must repeat once if asked.
Warden must be understandable. (has a good mic and is not a child.)
No conflicting commands.
You can make Prisoner mics kos.
No pardons.
All orders must be given through a mic.
Saying no detours no delays overrides all orders/KOS commands blocking prisoners from following that order.
No detours no delays must be said to kill detouring and delaying prisoners.
Warden may NOT allow prisoners into the armory unless for Warday/Hunger Games Day
You can claim warden three rounds in a row if you have a useable mic. The fourth round in a row will result in a slay.
A prisoner CAN be pardoned by warden, and not be kos (unless they attacked/killed a guard).

4. Map rules and kos:
New summer: All Vents, Guard towers, Armory, Armory Roof, Famas Tower are all KOS. No hiding on the Bhop to live through the countdown and camping in the heli, both with result in a slay. The Hole in the wall by the catwalk does not count as a vent, nor does the ones in the kitchen. Execution Day is allowed on this map.
Vipinthemix: All vents, All teleports, Armory, and the Balcony in Game Room are all KOS. Execution day is NOT allowed on this map.
jb_carneris: All vents, All teleports, Armory, and the Hidden room soccer, are all KOS areas. Execution day is NOT allowed on this map.
Electric: All vents, All teleports, Armory, Key pad room, And the button to control car, Are kos. Both one way wall spots do not count as vents are and not kos. Execution day is NOT allowed on this map.
jb_lego_jail: All vents, All teleports, Armory, are all KOS. Execution Day is allowed on this map.
Black Ops: All vents, All teleports, Armory and it’s door, And the catwalk connected to armory are all kos. Execution Day is allowed on this map.
Mars: All vents, Armory, the button to open it, and pressing the button to the airlock are all kos. Execution Day is Not allowed on this map.
Military: All vents, Armory and opening its door i kos. As well as the guard post on top of the armory and all guard towers. Execution Day is Not allowed on this map.
HellsGamers: All vents, Armory and opening its door, the guard tower, the top of the cells and the catwalk connected to it our all kos. Execution Day is Not allowed on this map.
Parabellum: Armory, the button to open it, all teleports, and vents are all kos. Execution Day is Not allowed on this map.

Common Terminology
RDM - Random Deathmatch, killing someone without reason. Mainly without permission from the warden or any KOS actions being done
LGKA - Last Guard Kills All, see rule 3.9
LR - Last Request, gives you the choice to decide what happens tomorrow when you are the last remaining prisoner. Only applies if warden is alive to accept it. (can be denied)
DR - Death Request, gives you the choice to decide how you want to die, and it is done with either the F4 menu or by having a custom DR with the warden. (can be denied)
KOS - Kill On Sight, a prisoner who is KOS is killable on sight by guards. Ways of getting Kos stated above


War Day: GUARDS + WARDEN: go to a Specified or random location depending on the wardens orders and shoot prisoners after the specified time. Prisoners firing at guards before the time are KOSable. GUARDS MAY CAMP! GUARDS MAY NOT CLOSE CELL DOORS! PRISONERS: You must wait until the specified time to leave your cell and get weapons at the armory. Prisoners must be actively hunting/ fighting the guard team. PRISONERS MAY NOT CAMP! PRISONERS MAY NOT CLOSE CELL DOORS! If there is one prisoner left alive that has not rebelled and is not afk they may have LR if they drop their weapons. Must wait 7 rounds after a War Day to have another War Day.

Hide and Seek Day: GUARDS + WARDEN: Go into the armory after opening cells (no closing cells) for prisoners to go hide. You must give then at least 45 seconds to hide before leaving the armory (any guard not in the armory for those 45 seconds, or peeking out will be slayed.) After the time is up go hunt them all down, last one not rebelling gets LR/DR. PRISONERS: Once cells open you must hide and try not to die.try to kill the warden. If warden dies it becomes freeday. Must wait 7 days after a round of Hide and Seek to have another round of Hide and Seek.

Hunger Games: GUARDS + WARDEN: go to a Specified or random location depending on the wardens orders, Prisoners firing at guards are kos as well as if they go to were the warden said is a kos location. Give at least 30 seconds before turning on FF. guards may camp. DO NOT KILL THEM JUST FOR HAVING GUNS they need them to fight each other. Prisoners: Once cells open go grab guns and murder your fellow prisoners or band together against the guards. You may not camp. Must wait 7 rounds after a Hunger Games Day to have another Hunger Games Day

Execution Day: Prisoners must hide in their bathroom until the order is over. If they are seen they can and will be shot. But guards can not enter the sells. (can only be done on maps where prisoners can hide in cells without being seen.)
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