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Vip Neener's App

Post by Vip_Neener_9er » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:53 pm

Name: Vip neener_9er Steamid: STEAM_0:0:97390337
Requested job: TTT
Hours on server you're applying for?
Like around 8? the Utime reset so I'm not sure.

Why do you want this job?
I enjoy the server and the people that play on it for the most part. but when staff is not on the server tends to turn into a bit of an RDM fest with no real end in sight unless a staff member joins. So I'd like to help with that and make the server a more fun less RDMy place.

What makes you think you're a good fit?
I've been playing the server every day almost sense It's relaunch a while back. Ik the regular players and the staff for the most part. and i think they know me. The servers Motd is easy to understand an simple, almost too simple for me lol, im used to jailbreak rule sets with like 50+ rules on them with weird what if clauses throughout.

Do you have previous experience?
Not on a TTT server, But i was head Admin on a jailbreak server for a while till the server closed due to the owner moving. so I understand a lot of staffing a server and I know Gmod and ULX pretty well too.

Let me see you're favorite meme/GIF!
How could I ever pick one? there are wayyyyyy to many dark dank ass memes to pick one as the king.
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Re: Vip Neener's App

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