New innovative ICO listing website

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New innovative ICO listing website

Post by ClumpBeeree » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:45 am

Search for the points of latest ICO coins from The website helps you find the Pre-ICOs, upcoming ICOs as well as the current ICO giving you the overview of each coin as well as other specifications about them.
Already have an ICO and want to add it to ICOratebox? Mark the contact tab and send a message to request the process.

What is cryptocurrency?
It’s a digital asset or a form of digital currency that act as a medium to exchange or transfer using cryptography. You can also call cryptocurrency as a subset or digital or virtual currency that is used for exchanging.

What’s an ICO coin?
Initial Coin Offering (ICO), is a means, which is used to raise funds for the new cryptocurrency. Using this, the organizations firm will be able to attract investors who are planning to invest in crypto. The process is more like an IPO (initial public offering) where an investor purchase shares of a company, however, the only difference is that IPO work in crypto’s and has no laws or rules.

What are Tokes?
A token is also a digital currency which is put up for sale to users or public during the ICO campaign. Tokens often are hosted on other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and don’t have its own blockchain.

What Are The Risks Factors Associated With ICO’s?
In ICO, you can’t be assured that your chosen token will do well or not. The success of the ICO depends either on the coin itself or at the future of the currency. So, provide only that you can afford to lose. If you want to invest ICO, go to the Contact tab and send a message to request the investment.

What is Pre-ICO?
Pre-ICO is an advanced and new phenomenon that let shareholder buy tokens before the official crowdsale, or the actual ICO campaign goes live. But the targets of fundraising from Pre-ICO’s are usually lower than the main ICO. Moreover, tokens are sold competitive and with the added bonus.
For cautions, the Pre-ICO also uses separate smart contracts from the actual ICO campaign only to avoid the confusion of Pre and main ICO. This also helps in enabling and maintaining an account for proper understanding and evaluating.

What Is The New Or Upcoming ICO?
The upcoming ICO is more advanced offering you the advantage to gather the company before taking part in the token sale. With this, you will be able to get an overview of company and will read about the company’s whitepaper as well as the token before the auction. For this, you can visit

What’s an ongoing ICO?
Ongoing ICO’s are active and are already have their token on sale. On , you can look for for ongoing ICOs to know more about them.

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