New innovative ICO listing website

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New innovative ICO listing website

Post by ClumpBeeree » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:25 pm

Want to know about ICO coins, go to the It’s a new website that helps you to look for all the data about the ICO coins. It has information about Pre-ICOs, Ongoing ICOs and Upcoming ICOs. Besides it also have stats about what these ICOs are for and what are their features.

What Is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or a subset of virtual money that helps in exchanging, selling or buying goods virtually. And the process involved in this buying is known as cryptography.

What is ICO?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a method in which an organization involves those people who are ready to invest a good amount of money to achieve something from digital assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can compare ICO and initial public offering in which the shareholder purchases shares of an affiliated company. However, ICO involves trade only crypto money and it does not have any regulations to follow.

What are Tokens?
A token is a part of the virtual cash, although it doesn't have any blockchain and host only on Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Further, tokens are that form of virtual asset, which is sold to the people who are in ICO campaigns.

What Are The risks involved in ICO?
When buying ICO, you perhaps will not be assured that your selected token will succeed or not. However, it either depends on the ICO or on their future statistics. This also means that you should only invest that much amount which you can afford to waste . Go to the Contact tab to join ICO.

What is a Pre-ICO?
Pre-ICO is like a sensation in the digital world which enables investors acquisite tokens before they officially go on crowdsale. Usually, pre-ICO provides tokens at low prices and able to raise less amount than that of main ICO. These ICOs also make use of different smart contract to avoid the combination of pre-ICO funds and the main ICO funds. Doing this will enable easy review and understanding.

What is an upcoming ICO?
The upcoming ICO will let you read in detail about the company before you invest in ICO. It will give you the overview of the company’s whitepaper before you partake in token selling. With upcoming ICO, you will have to get information about everything with ease.

What is ongoing ICO?
Ongoing ICOs are those ICOs that are active and are usually presented as the primary token at the sale. On the website, you will be able to inquire ongoing ICO and will find the chance to read thoroughly about them. is your number one source of new ICOs

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