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End of the Century

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:06 pm
by Fairy22122
It was the end of the century, and the streets were littered with people. From the drunk party goers spilling out from a bar, to those lost along the road forgotten by society. This was main street, and around the corner was city hall along with lockup. When the clocks struck midnight, what would happen? A cop and his partner patrolling the walk way killing time until the ball dropped would rush to a fist fight breaking out. A normal scuffle nothing serious, just a few punches thrown and a bloody nose. The male cop would grab the aggressor, taking two body shot punches before throwing him to the side, cuffing him instantly and reading his miranda rights. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an atto-...." His voice would be drowned out by the shouting crowd "10, 9, 8-." The female cop would be pushing back the man with the bloody nose, trying to get him to tilt his head up to slow the blood flow. Then screaming would take place, blood curling high pitched screams followed by a moment of silence. "WHAT THE FUCK?" A mans voice would shout, followed by jarring shouts of anger. Then the city emergency alarms went off, and calls on the officers walkie talkies would start going off. The people within the bar went nuts, but what just happened? The female officer would break away from her partner, pushing her way inside to find out what just happened. She would catch a glimpse of dead bodies in time square on the TV before the power went out. Not just the bars power, everything in the city was dark aside from the hospital with their back up generator kicking in. Mass panic set in, the people in the bar started shoving and fighting to get outside. The female cop got back outside just in time to be knocked back by a massive explosion. City hall and surrounding buildings exploded, and the radio chatter went silent. Some stayed in place, watching the cloud of fire spreading upwards, others ran as the fires took over the city. This was, the end of the century.

15 years have passed since then, and the state of the country never bounced back. Terrorist attacks struck the country across the board, along with mass technology failure. North America as a whole was struck in a state of panic for months, from the 3 countries fighting each other to pop up fire fights and various in-home terrorist attacks. Ultimately the governments were over thrown in their own ways, and no other country dared look at the problem at hand as they were busy with their own terrorism. The world was thrown in disarray, and the only places not affected were small islands.

We're not here to talk about them, we're here in this fan fiction to look at the lives of these gamers I've written into different life styles because that's what I do. Now with this setting, lets get into the fun parts.

We start our story with a Canadian who just wanted to go surfing, but ended up {STORY TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK AFTER POLL}