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accept plz

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:51 am
by TheTimeLordHQ
Name: TheTimeLordHQ
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:120226744
Requested job: Jailbreak Trainee
Hours on server you're applying for: 15.3

Why do you want this job? I want the staff job so that whenever no one is on at 3 am arguing that they didn't rdm when they clearly did i can tell them to stop and slay them. (also sorta don't want people to be extremely annoying at 3 am because with a staff member they usually aren't toxic)

What makes you think you're a good fit? im a bitch and will listen to commands

Do you have previous experience? i first got on gmod 2 years ago and i fell in love with the game. this community is actually really good so i want to give back.