Tiberius SWRP Mod Application

This is where you will file your application for staff. remember to read the Application formatting.
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Tiberius SWRP Mod Application

Post by [K9]Void » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:21 am

Name: CT PVT 3960 Tiberius
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77325309
Requested job:(Clone Wars Moderator)
Hours on server you're applying for: Less than 2 hours

Why do you want this job?
Over the past several months I have seen countless servers rise and fall due to poor moderation, extream minging ruining the RP experience making the servers lose players to another server. I want to make sure I can keep Order and peace within the server without it imploding.

What makes you think you're a good fit? I started with being MP of a Reach server that developed into me signing into trial mod, after that its gone further from there. I enjoy serious RP and strong moderation to servers, I enjoy being a Moderator. Having the power to help players with issues that they may have in the game.

I have seen servers shutdown without proper moderation in place, AA and CF both shutdown due to lack there of for Moderation due to some of the other mods would abuse power and ultimatly give players no other choice but to leave. I dont want that to happen to this server, its fairly new i understand but im sure if you implace strong moderation early, it can withstand plenty of punishment from minging players and trolls.

Do you have previous experience? I was a Moderator on "Absolute Anarchy Halo RP, ColdFront Gaming RP, Trail mod for Double Hex clone RP, and Senior Admin for T21-Emperial RP *2 months* and I am currently HR Direction Moderator for "Mark of the Eclipes" *SWTOR Guild and forums*

Let me see you're favorite meme!

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