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Curious who upper staff is? Read below!

"I’m Ducky, one of the owners and founders of K9. I do a lot around here; I am in charge of all staff, as well as the community, paying for the servers, and much more. I hope you enjoy K9 as much as I do!" -Ducky

"Hey, I’m Dog. I’m the other owner and founder of K9. Much like Ducky, I do a lot around here. I do trashy development for the server and set up the servers. Ditto what Ducky said." -Dogmanjer

"Hello, I’m bean! I’m the Discord/PH Manager for K9. I do what I can to make the discord server the greatest it can be for all members. I’m 95% boba tea, I love chill music and tetris, I also like to meme. Just don’t mess with me and we won’t have a problem." - Bean

“Roger roger I'm Rodger, TTT Manger at your service. I'm 22 and going to college with a major in graphic design and video game development. Screw with my team I will screw with you circuity.” -Rodger

"My name is Fairy Katarina Nocte. I've been part of K9 since the start, and I've become known as the alcoholic of the server.
I'm always around if you need help, from issues on our servers to school work. Feel free to message/email me."
- Fairy22122

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